Shouso Strip-Shiina Ringo [album review]


This time…I don’t know what to write in the intro…

About Shiina Ringo, about this album…

My only reaction after listening to Shouso Strip is…


It’s too awesome!!!!

So few days ago I read Bozu’s review on Hitomi’s thermo plastic and he said that it is one of the best album he have ever heard in his life.

And last night, I have found the best album I have ever heard in my life.

I feel so lucky, *sniff* to enjoy such an amazing and flawless work

I mean, you are so lucky if you can find something that makes you fall in love with!

Ok ok never mind, I can’t express my feelings right now, because my brain is still in the tofu state.

It’s going to be fine, it’s going to be FUN! Please, my review is terrible, so don’t underestimate this album because of my review!



Released: March 31, 2000

Oricon rank: #1

Sales: 2,316,000 copies

Genre: JPop/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock/Electronica/Grunge music

*Japanese Golden Disk Award: Rock Album of the Year

* Japan Record Award: Best Album Prize


1. Kyogen-Shou(Mythomania)

2. Yokushitsu(Bathroom)

3. Benkai Debussy(Excuse Debussy)

4. Gibusu(Orthopedic cast)

5. Yami ni furu ame(Rain that falls in darkness)

6. Identity

7. Tsumi to Batsu(Crime and Punishment)

8. Stoicism

9. Tsuki ni makeinu(Moon loser)

10. Sakana(Fish)

11. Byoushou Public(Sickbed Public)

12. Honnou(Instinct)

13. Izon-shou(Dependence)


The beginning of Kyogen-Shou is magnificent with the heavy rock riffs followed by cheerful sounds of flutes, the chorus is a little out of order but is picked up later on and become memorable. This is not my favorite song from the album but the flutes and Shiina’s shifting vocals just makes it very powerful and steady, towards the end there is a a preview of the next track , which is my most loved track in the entire album. Yokushitsu is the first song I heard some Shiina, what caught my attention is the mysterious feeling it presents and the unique arrangements it has. The techno/dance beats, the guitar riffs, along with Shiina’s sweet vocal makes it a memorable and dreamy song, oh and her famous rolling-r! It’s humrous and goes well with the melody. Benkai Debussy is a sexy song with Latino-ish beginnings, but later on the song become crazy and chaotic, the chorus is just going around and around in your head and close off with a series of breaking/outer-space like voices.

Ok…I thought Gibs is some kind of fish’s name. I have no idea it means plastic surgery in Japanese. It seems that Shiina is really interested in those hospital/cleaning/medical things? She wears nurse uniform in Honnou MV and her 3rd album cover is a bathtub. Gibs does not give me the feeling of a hospital or a plastic surgeon at all, instead it sounds like a western-influenced love song to me. With clear and calming beginning followed by catchy main chorus. The song is very emotional, I love the part when she exaggerates “zutto…zutto..zutto“, it is just so memorable. Oh! It also have the same chaotic ending like Benkai Debussy.

Well Yami ni furu ame (Rain that falls in darkness) does sound like its name. Begin with deep and constrain sounds of cello, it sure make me imagine (yes again) myself being in a rainstorm in the deep forest (Eeek). But then a more cheerful and organized violin verse took over and all the creepiness drifts away. (Hallelujah!) The song also gives a dramatic/musical like feeling. It’s pure awesomeness!!!

Identity is a typical rock-n-roll song starts off with continuous of exciting electric guitar riffs, and Shiina’s shriek! Gee I think it is almost a whistle register! It is an agitated song that will surely makes people go wild if they are in some sort of racing event haha. The chorus reminds me of Anime theme songs, it just got the same fervour, uplifting feeling to it. And then, just when I was enjoying all the excitement…Tsumi to Batsu came up with another round of creepiness. It has really dark and Gothic opening, Shiina again yelled in this song but this time in a sorrowful way. Her voice was just astounding! It’s full of emotion and I loved it when her voice breaks out. It would sound really nice in some French movies, it just got this emotional, raging thing to it.

I guess Shiina is also a philosopher…Stoicism believes in, well basically in restrain and control. It is a short interlude with disordered vocals and mix of nonidentical sounds. The overall feeling of the interlude is quite fun and cheerful, pretty opposite compare to the original meaning of Stoicism. (unless I comprehended it in the wrong way)

And I lol-ed at Ysuki ni makeinu!!! Moon Loser!! What is that?  So, moon is calming and quite, loser is depressing and stupid. In the beginning I thought this would be a ballad since Shiina was singing calming-ly just like the feeling of the moon. (sorry this is a really bad connection) However this song turns out to be a upbeat rock song full of enthusiasm. I guess she is trying to express the sadness of being a loser in the moon? Or she is laughing at the stupid person who is a loser even on the moon?

Sakana is also one of my personal favorite, it is a song that captured me instantly. With smoothing and lovely intro of sweet chorus humming peacefully…I don’t know how to explain the melody and the structure of Sakana. The way Shiina sang in this song, I think it’s flirty…it sounds so sexy when she exaggerates the ending of each verse. This song has a bit jazz elements to it, therefore yes very sexy and sometimes sounds lazy in a sexy way haha.

Byoushou Public has similar beginning as Identity, it is a collaboration song between Shiina and another unnamed male (or Shiina’s voice been processed deeper). I love the deeper voice, it’s laid back yet intense in some ways. Even though the name means “sickbed public”, the song is very cute and exciting. It is pure rock.

Hyaaaaaaaa~ Shiina showed her powerful Kung-fu and dressed in sexy nurse uniform <3

I guess Honnou is one of her signature song, when the MV was released, it is said that she started this “nurse uniform” fashion in Japan…Ok

What’s so special about Honnou? I don’t know, I did not look up for the lyrics of the song. But it is a very memorable and amazing song.

Success formula:

The weird, strange intro+cool electric guitar riffs+Shiina’s unique vocals+catchy and addictive chorus+the combination of Rock with other variety of music=fantastic song that is epic and will be remembered forever

*Extra credit to Shiina’s cool vocals towards the end of the song.

It is so sad that the fun party is almost over, it was a great listening, I become dependent on Shiina’s music now…

Izon-shou is beautiful, it is beautiful in many ways. I love the peaceful beginning of the song, the bells ringing the background, Shiina’s quiet voices, the occasional piano melodies, all creates this wonderful feeling of heaven like atmosphere. I also love the main chorus, when the song takes another turn and goes wild and breaks the harmony it just created seconds before. Why do I like it? Because we love violence and emotions xD. The main chorus has a slight feeling of sadness in it, I guess Shiina doesn’t want to say goodbye to us as well. The song ends with a long and amazing guitar solo.


Oh my god! It’s finished!!! I finally finished reviewing Shouso Strip!

Review formula:

3 cans of coca cola+chocolates+a box of strawberry+a bowl of vanilla ice cream=one album review

I lost words in describing how amazing this album is. What a wonderful experience it was for my brain and my ears. My hearing cells are very happy right now.

My feeling after listening to this album? Shiina Ringo is really talented and creative, she has the ability to make every single song original and special. I don’t get the usual feeling of  “repetitiveness” while listening to Shouso Strip. It is amazing how I can enjoy every track off the album (just like Hikki’s album!) This is just pure awesomeness!!! How can she be soo awesome? I love her raging and emotional vocal and her ways of mixing different genres of music together.

You might not get the idea of how awesome this album is by just reading my review, but I will tell you, this album is epic and fantastic. It’s flawless!!RWAR~


Recommend tracks: EVERY TRACK

13 Responses to “Shouso Strip-Shiina Ringo [album review]”

  1. Crispy writes:

    That OMG thing is what I did when I heard Alice Nine’s Vandalize, but I love Shouso Strip, especially Identity, Oh eM Ge I melted when I heard it!!!

  2. hyperballad writes:

    I know!!! I melted when listening to almost all the tracks..

    my brain is back to the tofu state again xD

  3. Crispy writes:

    it would too (brain) when it melts listening to Shouso Strip…

  4. Bozu writes:

    I think this album is perfect too! Also one of the best I’ve heard. Gips is AMAZING, and the opening track is like, EPIC with the flute and clashing drums. OMG, must put this on after reading about it again.

  5. hyperballad writes:

    go review this album!!! after ur done with all the reviews!!!!

  6. hyperballad writes:

    I know right?!
    The opening track was hard to talk about….it is just too amazing i dont even know what to say about it omg omg~

  7. Megumi or Tsuki writes:

    Yay! Shiina! =D I adore this album, even if Shiina’s voice sometimes annoys me because it can be really screechy and whatnot. <3

    - Megumi

  8. hyperballad writes:

    Yes it does sounds screechy sometimes xD and it remind me of mice for some reason…oh my god please ignore this reply gosh I am relating Shiina Ringo’s voice with a mouse….

  9. Eve writes:

    Yay! You finally re did your index! (I couldn’t find the comment thing there.) =p
    Just reading your review for “Shouso Strip” really wants me to check her music out! And judging by everyone’s comments, I guess they’re saying that you wrote your review well! :D

  10. Crispy writes:

    Yes I will review it…by the sounds of it I have no choice but hey I would review any Shiina…owe it all to Alvy!!!

  11. Eve writes:

    Lol, the Ps-ed version of the “First Love” cover was hilarious! I could actually see that the (horrible) head shot of Hikki in a shaving cream commercial.
    I actually do like goth/ rock music because I’m secretly a huge fan of Evanescence. (English band)

  12. Eve writes:

    Oh, and Happy 4th of July!

  13. Ashen Twilight writes:

    I thought this was an amazing album too! You should so review Heisei Fuuzoku since it has one of my favorite songs from her on it: Gamble!

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